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Many clients are considering the shift from on premise client / server infrastructure to a cloud based hosting environment. Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet.

When you migrate to ITC’s cloud services you will be utilising our dedicated managed servers based upon the latest Microsoft and HP technologies. Our ITC cloud solution provides a fast, reliable and scalable platform for your business.


  • Lower costs

    ITC’s cloud service means that you no longer have to invest in expensive server hardware and infrastructure, now or in the future. You will leverage ITC’s robust server infrastructure and shared resources, managed by our technical team. In addition, software licences can be provided as a monthly subscription voiding those traditional software purchases and upgrades.

  • Security and Backup

    ITC provides enterprise-class security against the threats of viruses and hackers. ITC manages daily backups and off-site storage to ensure an additional layer of protection in case of accidental deletion or data corruption, removing the responsibility from your staff.

  • Remote access

    As ITC’s cloud service is accessible over the Internet, approved staff and other support organisations can access applications from where ever they have an internet connection available.

  • Support

    ITC proactively monitors the infrastructure, ensuring a stable and reliable platform. In addition, access to the ITC Help Desk is available for any cloud support related issues.

  • Budgeting

    With an ITC cloud service, you have certainty with respect to the server and related infrastructure costs over the term of the agreement or period of engagement.

Many organisations are now beginning to understand the benefits that a cloud-based hosting environment can deliver. Indirect costs due to system ‘down time’ for example, can be avoided. It is now well recognised that there can be little or no strategic advantage from the ownership of hardware.



Utilise the best server technology available from Hewlett-Packard (HP), a leading global hardware manufacturer. Our HP blade servers utilise the latest Intel processors and Hyper-V clustering technology to provide a higher level of availability and redundancy should a server hardware failure occur. In addition our HP enterprise level virtualized storage array provides superior hard disk performance and fault tolerance. Management software is also configured for all infrastructure components to ensure our engineers can diagnose faults quickly and efficiently.

ITC Kerio Connect

Provides exchange functionality to user’s desktops and mobile devices, including shared calendars and folders.

ITC Managed Desktop

Allows you to access your desktop computer from anywhere you have internet access. You will also benefit from keeping data safe and reducing the workload on local computers, thereby decreasing dependency and cost of user workstations.

ITC Managed Backup Service

Offers a robust backup solution utilising our ITC virtual server infrastructure. We ensure data is securely backed up locally and replicated to an off-site location.